Pahom “YELLOW”

Pahom “YELLOW”
“What is good about conceptualism? A good thing is that at first an artist thinks and thinks then he comes up with an idea and only after that a work is created and everything results from the idea and it turns out that the artist is a clever man and I like being clever but not only clever but also witty like a good Bernard Shaw-type humorist I planned the exhibition YELLOW as a collection of folk pictures that is not burdened with intellectual problems such as Art Memory of the World or Insides of The Moscow Conceptualist Movement the work ran quickly but something kept me awake at night I was tossing and turning hiccupped but not being at a loss invited a successor of Moscow Conceptualist movement and a friend of mine Victor Pivovarov together with my old friend and collaborator Eugene Semenov Eugene told me that I was clever and I was flattered and said something that I don’t remember what exactly I just remember that he called me clever After this meeting YELLOW burst in a quiet and steady life of my village fools and remained there he became a watershed and a universal doctrine Thus a meeting with a childhood friend formed YELLOW’s new artistic world As Ry363;nosuke Akutagawa says in a novel Horse Leg the YELLOW wind blew from Mongolia or how YELLOW moves a little bit aside a sacred RED glorified by Malevich and Irina Nakhova After YELLOW’s accession my sleep is undisturbed and smooth and I left my hiccups behind till now” 

September 2009 Moscow