Marina Fedorova. One Fine Day

Marina Fedorova. One Fine Day (graphics, objects).
Curator – Ekaterina Andreeva. It is known for a long time, that artist’s masterpieces are selfportraing. Speed of glance, body movements, strength of touch are reflected in dinamic shape and graphic hand-writing. Marina Fedorova uses brush softly and confidently.This sharp professional skill is mixed with swinging, interrupting rhythm of movements and shape arrangement. Breath in and out pause is a frame for a row of visial pictures. Lines, color spots, drawn words are indefinite and as a result they have potential – immanent to our time. “One Fine Day” is first personal exhibition of the artist, it includes three series of pictures in one space. Three series of “ picture-moment-shot ” inspired by music and color –“Blues story”, by films- “Un homme et une femme”(“Man and woman”), by fashion-“Shoes stories”. This stories are easly combined, each episode being independent at the same time conected with others by common mood. This light images – somebodies faces, left arm-chairs, shoes as emotional copies of their owners appere from one source – inner film, invented by Marina Fedorova. Caracters, things, advertisments, shops, tv serials obtain their own moment realisation sometimes harmoniouse, but always esthetic. In halls of “D-137” “One Fine Day” looks like a frieze or a ribon of such shots fixed by paint of time. Hardly noticed melancoly shading Marina Fedorova’s blues story pictures can be discovered in this very discreetness of happiness in ability of human impression to grow into endless world. Looking at elegant, sometimes sharp compositions one recalls irreproachable freedom of 60-ies film shots. Feverish gedonism of 40-ies reviving now is the way back from “Last summer in Marienbad” to “Casablanca”, and “Hearts of four” and “Sun Valley serenade” are meeting here. Marina Fedorova’s exhibition tells us a story of her privat preferanses and ocupations, cafully mixed with extracted shadows of jazz and blues epoch, epoch approaching us, entering our minds throught pictures.

Ekaterina ANDREEVA