Art Club D137 presents the exhibition « Freedom from actual »

Art Club D137 presents the exhibition

« Freedom from actual »
01.10.2019 – 01.12.2019

The exhibition consists of two parts – a personal exhibition of the artist Sergeyev Sergey (painting, objects) and an archival exhibition dedicated to 23 years of D137 activity.
Sergey Sergeev is the famous artist of the St. Petersburg underground and one of the founders of the D137 ( autobiography and the works of Sergeyev Sergey can be found here ). The « Freedom from actual» project is dedicated to fixation of perceptional changes of surrounding environment by contemporaries, who have lost their ability to understand and to receive the pleasure from contemplating an image.
D137 positions itself as a club that deals not only with «actual art», therefore the exhibition title is quite logical and for the archive part, telling about the D137 and the artists with whom the gallery worked. The archival part of the exhibition will feature works by famous artists and musicians who are prominent representatives of the generation of the 90s, as well as the video films «All About D137» and «Pirate Television» with the participation of Vladislav Mamyshev-Monroe.
Artists presented at the exhibition:
Timur Novikov, George Guryanov, Olga Tobreluts, Sergeev Sergey, Egor Ostrov, Vladislav Mamyshev-Monroe, Sergey Pakhomov (Pakhom), Julia Kosulnikova, Alexandra Fedorova, Stanislav Makarov, (E-Е) Evgenij Kozlov