The new project “Crosses”

Art Club D137 offers artists involved in the new project on the history of the famous prison “Crosses”
Art Club D137 supported by the administration and the Board of Trustees of the “Crosses” invites artists to participate in an unusual exhibition devoted to the “cross” – a unique architectural complex and events associated with the history of St. Petersburg and Russia. Contemporary art exhibition dedicated to the “Сross”, promises to be a great event in the public life and will be held in December this year.
Two five-storey cross body with the five-domed Church of St. Alexander Nevsky in the top floor of one of them built in the years 1884-1892. by architect AO Tomishko. In “cross” contained criminal, political criminals, revolutionaries, and after the revolution arrested ministers and high officials of the tsarist government, in the years of repression there were many prominent national science and culture ( George Zhzhyonov and Konstantin Rokossovsky, Daniil Kharms and many others) during the war, worked as a prison scientific “sharazhka” (read more about the history of “Crosses»
The works proposed for the exhibition can be sent electronically to the address @
For artists who have decided to take part in the exhibition, can be an excursion to the “cross” and the museum “Crosses” to get acquainted with the history and architecture.
The exhibition will be available to the public in areas with extensive involvement of the press and public relations. Will open the exhibition opening day with pre-show press, and will be organized by the public and the private sale of paintings, the proceeds of which will go to the artists and in favor of “the cross.”
The proposed theme of the exhibition:
Building “Crosses” in the space of the city and the nature (of the total of the Neva and the bird’s eye to the fragments, landscape variation)
Architecture “Crosses” (architect Tomishko), the plastic of the building and the light in his architecture
The symbolism of architecture “Crosses”
Russian history and the history of “Crosses” in different historical periods (imperial time, revolution, repression, war, “sharazhki”)
Historical figures associated with the “cross” (politicians, ministers of the tsarist government, revolutionaries, military, science and culture)
Legends “Crosses” (camera architect Lenka Panteleev, etc.)
Temple “Crosses” and his patron, Saint Alexander Nevsky
Psychological and spiritual aspects and images
Petersburg monuments related to the “cross”
Fantasies about the fate of the building and its appearance in the future

In any questions please contact the organizers of the exhibition:
Olga Osterberg (Art Club D-137)
Artem Magalashvili (curator)