Nina Vitanova



Нина Витанова

visual art
awarded the stipendia of fine art of the canton of Zürich
awarded the stipendia of fine art of the city of Zürich

Main exhibitions, video works and performances

– collective exhibition in the Helmhaus Zürich (the main contemporary art-museum of Zurich)
– personal exhibition and dance-performance in the Steglitzer Bahnhof gallery, Berlin
– personal exhibition in the thea Fischer Rheinhard gallery, Berlin
– personal exhibition and dance-performance in the pavilion “optika”of the ”VDNH”, Moscow
– joint creation with the director Konstantin Mitniev (parrallel kino) of the video-art film screendream (on betacam) combining acting, dancing and video-effects – multiple video-installations and multimedia-performances in collaboration with Kirill Preobrazenskji (concept-artist + video-artist) and lev rubinstein (conceptual poet), shown in Moscou (center of contemporary art) and in St.Petersbourg
– curator (+video and dance) of the project mental landscapes in :
shed im eisenwerk, Frauenfeld (contemporary-art museum)
can, neuchâtel (contemporary-art museum)
Helmhaus, Zürich, contemporary-art museum
– dance-performance in the framework of the exhibition Nouveau Novosibirsk by Andrei Molodkin and Alexei Beliayev guintovt in the Chapelle st. louis de la pitié salpétrière, Paris
– personal exhibitions/performance with the project brain extension (multimedia): in the gallery d137 and in the freuds dream museum , St.Petersburg
– personal exhibition and dance performance with Genja Andrjanova with the theme: urban beasts (multimedia) exhibition space of the cafe des artistes, Moscou
– personal exhibition in the gallery Fotonauta , Barcelona
– dance-video aliens elaborated in St.Petersburg with the dancer artiom ignatiev and Mikel Tumbler + video artist Masha Shaa
– personal exhibitions/performance to the theme aliens in the Gallery D137 , St.Petersburg
– dance-visual art-performance with choreographer and dancer Konstantin Grouss in the tsech theatre, Moscou
– exhibition and performance to the theme spaced out in the gallerie ephémère, Paris
– 3 exhibitions with the russian visual-art group AES+F showing the photo images spaced out, AES+F showing images and their video work of the series: le roi des aulnes, multiple dance performances are also part of this exhibition/performance project. nina vitanva danced with konstantin grouss, Denis Boroditsky and others. Live music by : Fiodor Amirov, Anna Michailova, Domenico Ferrari in the open stage theater, Moscow, gallery rhuethmüller, halle33, basel gallerie COR, Zürich – elaborating the ideas of the theme zeizgeist during several years with the choreographer, dancer and curator Konstantin Grouss
– exhibition with the title of zeitgeist in the all-russian museum of applied and folk art , Moscow